XRT Observations of GRB170426x (00750044)

[BAT Observation]

Trigger Time (GPS) = 1177249317.030000 ; RA = 255.051505 ; Dec = -60.112925 ; Galactic NH (1.e22 cm^-2) = 0.141
Extraction region PC-Mode: rad_min=0.0 (variable) to rad_max=16.0.
Extraction region WT-Mode: rad_min=0.0 (variable) to rad_max=16.0.

Analysis Reports:

Mean count rate (cps) to Flux conversion factors:

Data Files (Data Description):
img_history   radvt   wavdetect   dss_radec   2mass_radec   spec_pc   spec_wt   late_time/spec_pc  

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